Q & A's

Will my new Larkfleet or Allison home have a garden?

When you buy a brand-new home, as standard, the front garden is usually turfed. The back garden is left untouched except for top soil - a blank canvass on which you can make your mark. Visit our blog for advice on planning your ideal garden.


What do I need to do when I move to a new house and how much will it cost?

There a lot of things to consider when you’re moving into your new home. We have some advice for planning your moving day. Visit our blog for advice on how to move on a budget. 


Where is my nearest show home and when does it open?

You’ll find details of all our show homes under each of our development locations on our website, along with opening times.


How do I find what new homes are available?

Visit our Locations and Development pages on Allison Homes and Larkfleet Homes websites. 


How can I work out what I can afford?

Our mortgage repayment and stamp duty calculators will help you to work out what you can afford. 


Will my new home be decorated to my personal taste?

We have a range of décor options. If you are thinking of buying your new home from us, ask your sales adviser for details. If you want to decorate yourself, visit our blog on getting your home just right.


As a homebuyer, are my rights as a consumer protected?

Yes. We adhere to the Consumer Code for Homebuilders to make the buying process fair and transparent. As part of the Code we comply with warranty conditions of the National Homebuilders Council. 


Are there any schemes available to help me buy my new home?

Yes. There are several schemes that can (subject to qualification) help you into your dream home. Schemes include Help to Buy, Forces Help to Buy, Assisted Sale and Part Exchange. 


What do I need to do about insurance?

You should have 'buildings insurance' in place from the moment you become the owner – it would be tragic if your new home burned down before you even move in and you have no insurance to pay for rebuilding it. You may also want to look at contents insurance (to replace stolen or damaged possessions) and life and health insurance (so that your family or you can pay off the mortgage if you die or become too ill to work).