Mr Hunt (Baston)

"I'm satisfied with the company and found them very helpful" explained Mr Hunt, he also said that the property was in "very good" condition on completion day and was happy with the way his 'Just for You' products were dealt with. Lastly saying that he would recommend Larkfleet Homes to a friend or family and that he would buy another Larkfleet property himself.


Mr & Mrs Gordon (Eye)

Mr & Mrs Gordon started off by saying they both thought the showhome at Eye was "lovely" and they were "really happy" with the experience before legal completion day. They explained their new home was completed in the original timescale and they "really liked" the living environment once they had moved in, adding that they were really happy with their new home. They both agreed that they would recommend Larkfleet Homes to friends and family and also consider buying another house themselves.


Mr Jarvis & Mrs Burke (Eye)

Mr Jarvis & Mrs Burke both agreed that the showroom was "nice" after visiting, also mentioning that site literature was "clear". They said they used our recommended financial advisor and it "went smoothly", also taking advantage of the Help to Buy scheme. After moving in they both said that they "really liked" the living environment and would recommend us to a friend.


Mrs Wain (Baston)

After visiting the showroom at Baston, Mrs Wain siad she "loved it" and all of the site literature was "good". Mrs Wain said she purchased some of our 'Just for You' products that "everything went well". She mentioned that the property was in good condition on completion day and that she liked the living environment after moving in. Mrs Wain told us she had already recommeded us to friends and she would buy another Larkfleet house herself, finally saying that she was "really happy with everyone at Larkfleet".


Mr & Mrs Tolley (Baston)

Mr & Mrs Tolley started off by saying the experience before completion day "all went well, with no problems", they both found the site literature "good" and also liked the showroom. They said that the property was "very clean" on completion day and their 'Just for You' flooring went really well. Both agreed they "really liked" the living environment and would be another Larkfleet house as well as recommending us to a friend.


Mr & Mrs Clare (Eye)

'Laura in the sales office was really helpful' and when asked about the show home at Parson's Prospect, Mr & Mrs Clare said they 'Loved it'. They also used our Financial Advisor, mentioning that they 'found him wonderful and helpful'. Mr & Mrs Clare both agreed they would definitely recommend us to a friend and would buy another house from Larkfleet Homes themselves.


Mr Dudley & Ms Cheney (Oakham)

Mr Dudley & Ms Cheney both said that 'Joan and Kenny from the sales office were brilliant and the experience before completion was on the whole very good'. They also agreed they would recommend us to a friend.


Mr & Mrs Jones (Baston)

Mr & Mrs Jones started off by mentioning that they liked the showhome at Baston and it gave them ideas for their own home. The property was in "excellent" condition on completion day and Mr & Mrs Jones were really happy with the living environment once they had moved in. They both agreed that they would recommend Larkfleet Homes to friends and family, mentioning they would buy another Larkfleet house themselves, also explaining that "the girls in the sales office were very helpful and understanding".


Mr & Mrs Primarolo (Oakham)

When considering to buy in Oakham, Mr & Mrs Primarolo found the development literature "very good and useful" and they thought the showhome was "lovely". They were both "very happy" with the living environment once they moved in and said that would definitely recommend us to friends and family, also saying that they would buy another Larkfleet house themselves. Finally they said that the team were "friendly and efficient".


Miss Child (Peterborough)

Miss Child first mentioned that her experience before the legal completion day was really good and she found the team really helpful. She also took advantage of our 'Just for you" products and said that everything went ok with them. Miss Child finished by saying that she would recommend us to friends and family as well as buying another house from us herself.


Mr Abrams & Mrs Munns

Everything went well for Mr Abrams and Mrs Munns before completion day. They said that property was in very good condition on completion day and they were both reallyt happy with the living environment after moving in. They finished off by saying that they had already recommended us to friends and family, and would also buy another house from us themselves.


Mr & Mrs Black (Baston)

Mr & Mrs Black started by saying that everything before completion day went ok, they both found the site literature very good and said the showhome was very nice. They also mentioned that they liked the living environment after moving in and they found the home owners pack helpful.


Mrs Allen (Bourne)

Larkfleet Homes provided a fantastic service. The team was really accommodating to Jack’s needs. Each of the contractors was very understanding of Jack’s autism and very respectful of his needs. They did everything they could to help him stay settled throughout the moving process. We can’t fault the excellent and thoughtful service we received from Larkfleet Homes.


From Nik & Becky (Whittlesey)

Morning Didie, 

Becky and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to the team on site at Whittlesey for the professionalism and support in securing our first home, but most importantly to yourselves, we would like to thank you for your honesty and guidance in pointing us in the right direction, particularly in terms of arranging the best people to assist us with the buying process. Without your advice, we feel as though it would have been a far greater challenge and we wouldn’t have progressed as far as we have to date without your invaluable advice.

In addition, thank you for reassuring Becky whilst we were in the office the other week. A friendly face as much as yours was just what both Becky and I needed when making such a big decision and Larkfleet should be assured that the valuable service and personal approach taken by you and the team has been reiterated to numerous friends and family members and I hope our feedback gets the word around for you and Larkfleet.

Having personally worked in the Construction Industry for the past 8 years, it is truly refreshing for me to finally see a developer with true customer emphasis and focus and I hope Larkfleet understands how key your service was in both Becky and I deciding to purchase with Larkfleet Homes.

We both look forward to seeing you again soon in the office and thanks again for an impeccable and supportive service.

Best Regards,

Nik & Becky


Nicky, Scott & 'Mum' (Peterborough)

Dear Joan, Heather and Will

A better developer we couldn’t have wished to meet. We’ve been very impressed by you at Larkfleet. We first visited Hempsted late last year, then quickly watched our house appear. With regular updates and great advice, anyone thinking of using Larkfleet needn’t think twice.

Too often people, they fail to praise, what is it with people these days? We are so pleased with our new home. This card is to say ‘Thank you’, not to moan, for all your help with our transaction. You’ve given us 100% customer satisfaction.

Thank you Larkfleet,

Nicky, Scott and ‘Mum’






Mr & Mrs Sains (Bourne)

Albert and Rea Sains bought their new Larkfleet Homes property after Mr Sains attended an antiques valuation event held at The Croft – one of many activities staged in the community facilities – and decided to take a quick tour of the show homes.

Albert explained: “I didn’t originally intend to view the development as we had no plans to move but there was a long queue to see the antiques experts so I decided to take a look.

“I was immediately impressed with the design and standard of the properties and I thought the lifestyle on offer at The Croft was really appealing. I knew immediately that I had to come back with my wife and show her around. When we returned, Rea completely agreed with me and we decided to take the plunge and buy.

“By downsizing we could not only release some capital which was tied up in our old home but also benefit from having a new home with less maintenance and a more manageable garden. In addition, we could see that buying at The Croft offered us the security of knowing our home would still be suitable for us later on in life and we wouldn’t need to move again.”


Sylvia Cook (Bourne)

Sylvia Cook moved into a two-bedroom bungalow at The Croft from a large three-bedroom property with an extensive garden and “has not looked back since”. Mrs Cook was drawn to The Croft development because of the secure community environment it offered. She said: “My previous property was located in a fairly isolated cul-de-sac that looked onto extensive open fields. I feel much more secure at The Croft and I have made great friends with my neighbours. At The Croft, I have the security of close neighbours but the design of the development also means my property is in a nice quiet area, secluded from the hustle and bustle of Bourne. “Unlike other age-exclusive developments that I looked at, the properties at The Croft are well laid out, not in large blocks that I have seen so often before.”


Margaret Pearce (Bourne)

For Margaret Pearce, buying her new chalet style bungalow at The Croft was an opportunity to return to her roots. Having grown up in the market town, it seemed like fate when Margaret and her cousin spotted the development on a nostalgic visit to some of their childhood haunts and decided to take a look.

Margaret said: “When we drove by and saw that there was a new development being built for the over 55s, we decided that we must take a look. I no longer liked the area in Peterborough that I was living in and the idea of returning to Bourne really appealed to me.

“As soon as I saw the showhome I was taken by it. All the rooms were really well laid out and the development itself was presented in a very attractive way with lots of different property types spread around landscaped courtyards. I immediately knew that I had to see whether I could make the sums add up.”

Margaret was able to part exchange on her old bungalow as well as benefit from a 25 per cent shared equity deal on her new home at The Croft.

“I still have my own home and the independent life I always had but I now have a home that will adapt with me as I get older, enabling me to continue living the life I live now for the foreseeable future.”


Mr & Mrs Diver (Baston)

When asked about their move to The Croft at Baston, Mr & Mrs Diver said "We are incredibly happy with our new Larkfleet home in Baston". They both found the literature about the development and the showhome "excellent". They also mentioned that the property was"very clean" on completion day and that the development was the "cleanest building site ever".

Both Mr & Mrs Diver said they would recommend Larkfleet Homes to friends and family, finishing off by saying - "The best new home buying experience we've ever had, the sales and customers service teams where excellent".


Mrs Wilson (Baston)

Mrs Wilson explained the site literature was 'excellent' and the showhome was 'lovely'. She also mentioned that the property was in "excellent" condition on completion day and that she liked the living environment once she had moved in. To finish, Mrs Wilson thanked the Larkfleet team and said that she would recommend Larkfleet Homes to a friend and she would consider buying another property herself.


Nicole Bane (Whittlesey)

Nicole Bane cut the ribbon to her new home at Whittlesey Green and as the first official resident at the development was presented with a bottle of champagne by Didie Kearns and Kirsty Pope from the Larkfleet sales team.

Nicole commented: “I was immediately impressed with the design and standard of the properties here at Whittlesey Green and I am delighted with my new home. The location of the development is perfect for me and my family and we cannot wait to get settled and meet other new residents.”


Mr & Mrs Austin (Baston)

Mr and Mrs Austin moved into their new Larkfleet house at The Croft in Baston last year. 

Mr Austin said: “We are enjoying our new home very much.  We are relatively local, having lived in Folkingham previously, but we have found a like-minded and friendly community at The Croft.  Our bungalow completely lives up to our expectations and we are loving living here.”

Mr Austin and his wife looked at a number of retirement development options and found The Croft at Baston fitted the bill best.  They enjoy the spacious layout and wide walkways at the development which they feel give a feeling of space and openness.

One of the additions the couple have made to their home is to install Citygrass, a type of artificial lawn covering, to their garden.  As Mr Austin points out, it offers a maintenance and weed-free surface which looks great throughout the year!


Mr & Mrs Diver (Baston)

Graham and Sue Diver moved into their new Larkfleet home at The Croft in Baston last year. The Croft is an age exclusive development offered by Larkfleet Homes. With varied house styles and private gardens on offer, The Croft appealed to Graham and Sue immediately.

Graham is a keen railway enthusiast and has built model railways as a pastime for many years. Having a brand new garden at his disposal proved to be just too much of a temptation and Graham has built a brand new track model railway!

The initial work was started last year and the project was recently finished as the last of the landscaping and planting was completed.

The initial work included marking out the track route and layout, building the foundations and walls. Laying the track circuits came next with inner and outer circuits, a passing loop and sidings. Following a brief pause for a holiday, the engine sheds were added to the sidings and a couple of stations and buffer stops completed the scene.

The final landscaping and planting was completed very recently and the trains are now ready to start rolling.

Graham says: “We were very happy with the choice of houses at The Croft. Obviously, what really swung it for me was having a garden large enough to house a new railway layout.”


Deborah Godfrey

Deborah Godfrey started her property search in Spring last year when looking to move nearer to her sister in Peterborough. 

Deborah was living in London at the time and she initially looked at properties in the Spalding area.  When she could not find something that suited her needs, she expanded her search and came across Larkfleet Homes online.  When she called us we suggested that she take a look the new Parson’s Prospect development in Eye on the outskirts of Peterborough.

Deborah said: “I visited the girls in the sales office at Parson’s Prospect and looked at the new homes under development off-plan.  I was really impressed.  I liked the area and site layout so I reserved my home, a three bedroom detached house, in May last year.

She added: “I had a challenging time selling my flat in London. I had buyers who were not able to take the sale forward and dropped out, so when it eventually sold in December I was delighted.  The Larkfleet sales team was superb and really patient throughout this period.  It was frustrating and stressful for me but they stayed with me and made the whole thing a bit more manageable.”

Since moving into her new home, Deborah continues to sing the praises of the on-site team and the Larkfleet after-sales service. 

She said: “There is obviously a snagging period with any new home and I have had a couple of small snags to deal with.  The sales team have always been there for me, sending me off to the right person.  They really have been responsive and genuinely listened to my queries. It has been refreshing to deal with a company which does not just stop caring after they have sold you the house!" 

She added: “I am delighted with everything about my new home, from the quality of build to the customer care service I have received.  I would recommend Larkfleet Homes to anyone looking to buy a new home.”


Mike and Su H (Oakham)

“We chose a Larkfleet Homes property because we were looking for a particular type of accommodation. The Larkfleet Coach House met all our specifications at the right price for us and is situated in a very desirable location with good public transport links and nearby shops, restaurants and leisure facilities. Sales and service was very good. The site office staff and manager have all been very helpful in helping us secure the purchase. The property was completed to a high standard in our view, requiring very few remedial issues.” 


Anon (Oakham)

“The varied house styles and appearance of Larkfleet Homes makes for an interesting development. The roads with the brickwork intersections add a bit of class. The houses are well-built with good internal fittings and brilliantly insulated so that heating costs are kept to a minimum.” 


Sadé Solani (Corby)

“Like every home, be it new or old, there are some minor snags which the Larkfleet Sales and Customer Services Team efficiently resolved. It is highly energy efficient and the house is toasty, cosy warm, without having to crank up additional heaters.”