Upsize to a new build outside London and pocket a small fortune

Are you living in London, struggling for space and looking to upsize? Or are London prices preventing you getting your first 'foot on the property ladder' and putting a decent home beyond your financial reach?

If you have a property in London to sell you could move outside the M25 where lower house prices mean that you get more value for your money. You could even have a cash surplus. Why not consider a newly built home outside the capital? There is life outside London, you know!

Younger people and workers in essential occupations such as nursing and policing - as well as those in jobs ranging from window cleaning to taxi driving - can often find London house prices prohibitive when it comes to upsizing. This is particularly true in the case of first-time buyers and young families.

If you are looking to upsize but cannot afford London prices, look no further than new developments in and around places such as Corby, Peterborough and Grantham.

The price of new build homes is substantially lower in this part of the world than in London. The average price of a new build semi-detached home in the East Midlands is around £185,000. In East Anglia the price reaches around £270,000. In Greater London the price jumps to about £461,000. *

*prices from the LSL New Build Index December 2017.  

Where you have a house to sell you, you may well be able to pocket the difference between the price you achieve on your London property and your new build home further north.

Depending on where you currently own a property in London, moving to a new build home in the East of England or East Midlands could save you tens of thousands of pounds. Just think what you could do with that cash!


Leaving London doesn't mean leaving your job in the city. It’s quicker and easier to travel into central London from Peterborough than it is from many of London’s outer suburbs. Both Peterborough and Grantham are on the East Coast main line with many daily services running into Kings Cross. Typical journey times to London from Peterborough range between 50 minutes and 90 minutes depending on the service.

Corby has frequent services to St Pancras. The services are direct, and the average journey time is one hour and ten minutes.

More and more people are moving out of London to find more spacious housing - about 90,000 people took the plunge and moved out of the capital last year according to figures published recently by Savills.

Be one of the savvy movers and upsize to a new build home in a Larkfleet Homes development!

As well as financial benefits, there are clear lifestyle benefits attached to living outside London. There is a wealth of recreational opportunities enabled by proximity to open countryside and rural parks. The pace of life is slower and more relaxed.

Vibrant city life is available in places such as Peterborough and Corby. London is easily accessible by road or rail for all its cultural activities as well as commuting.